Creating content should be a strategic plan to engage your potential customers. That means it should be a dialogue, not a monologue.

So how do you invite your audience in to engage with you?

Most businesses make the grave mistake of making their content all about them. And they wonder why their content doesn’t convert to sales.

If you had a conversation with someone where they did all the talking all the time how likely would you want to spend time with them?

I’m guessing not very often if at all because your needs aren’t being met in the relationship.

Your content is a way to date your potential customers.

Think of how you want to show up on the first date. And if you want to create content that converts, you want your content to express why it would be great to enter a relationship with you.


The very first thing your audience will notice is your presence. How you show up. Your presence will announce you before anything else. Here are a few ways to create a strong, buzz-worthy presence.


Provide value to your customers by showing them how you solve their problems. Let’s say you have a food truck. How do you provide value to your customers? Well, one way is popping up in different areas. How about during the lunch rush? Someone who may work in the downtown area and doesn’t want to drive or call Uber because it takes too long may welcome a food truck near their job site. 


Customers buy from brands they trust. Build trust through relatability. Show them why they should trust you. A great way we love to show this is through video. This provides a real-life view of who you are and what you’re about. You don’t have to tell your audience your entire childhood however showing them an inside view of what makes you come alive is very beneficial and the ROI will increase exponentially. 


Ensure your content is visually appealing to the eye. Be sure you’re not showing up in your bathroom trying to make a video about your product or service. Unless of course, that is on-brand then by all means have at it. Just ensure you still have some level of polish to your aesthetics because people are more attracted to a brand when it looks good visually. 


What is the personality of your brand? How can you show that to your audience? Think about the brand’s Chick Fil A, Apple, Wendy’s, and Progressive. What do they all have in common? All of them have a personality that shows on social media. Let’s talk about how to bring out your brands’ personality for maximum engagement.


Storytelling should grab the attention of your customers within the first five seconds. Think about the brands you love. What is it about the story they are sharing with you? What hooked you? Think of this when you want to hook your audience. The first five seconds are the most important. 


Customers are looking for brands that are both knowledgeable and entertaining. So learn how to add humor to your content. Check out a video we created for a new series. 



When your content makes your customers feel something they will never forget you. Make them feel special. Chick Fil A is really good at making their customers feel special. You can literally be having a bad day and pull up to their drive-thru, greeted by a friendly face, and told that, “it’s my pleasure” to serve you. Doesn’t get any better than that. 



How you influence your audience helps you to convert them from passive listeners to active customers and supporters. There are a few things you want to include to ensure you can make this happen.


Influencing power is what compels customers to buy. Does your content draw them closer to your offer? If it doesn’t what can you do to draw them closer? Have more conversations? Send out surveys? Ask questions on social media. Whatever it is, figure out how to get your audience talking, in a good way.


Have an open dialogue with your customers. Do you ask open-ended questions on social media? How can your customers respond to your content? Many businesses lose the easiest feedback they can get from their audience, social media. People spend hours on social media devouring content and talking about problems so use this to your advantage and learn a thing or two while you’re having this dialogue. 


Once you draw them closer and open the conversation you should be leading them to the sale. Every time.

These are some tips we use in business but don’t take our word for anything. Always try it for yourself and let us know how we can help!

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