When starting a business, you want to create a strong brand. The best way to do this is to begin with providing value to potential clients. We use the term clients and not customers because clients are relationship based whereas customers are merely transactional.  To begin building a media-worthy brand, here are five things you can implement in your marketing strategies for immediate and effective results.   

Teach Your Audience How-to Do Something Specific

When you teach your audience something specific, this positions you as the authority and become the go-to for all things in that particular industry. This also helps producers make an easy decision when they are looking to feature you.   

Debunk a Myth

Know a great myth in your industry? Here’s a great way to debunk the myth and provide your knowledge and expertise in this area. You will position yourself as trustworthy and build a stronger bond with your audience.   

Show Business

The song goes, “there’s no business like show business” and this is absolutely the truth. Show your audience HOW you can help them. For example, if you are a chef, create videos showing a dish and how you prepare it. Your audience will love it and engage with you which leads to sales.   

Warn About Dangerous Trend

There are always dangerous trends floating around so just like debunking a myth, when you warn about potential danger, you deepen your know, like, trust factor and now you add respect. Know, like, and trust will get you the sale. Know, like, trust, and respect will earn you repeat business as well as referrals.   

Share Your Why

When you share WHY you started your business in a way that empowers your audience, you gain a loyal tribe because they feel connected to you. Avoid sharing your why in a way that makes your results feel unattainable. Instead use this format, “I started my business _______ (name of your business) because I know what it feels like to struggle with _________ (pain point of your audience) and now I have so much fun helping others transform.” Click the link to find out how we help our clients gain more publicity and to join our MMA Biz Club.

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