So you’ve started a business and now you need to learn how to increase sales. Or maybe you need to know how to get your first sale. When you are starting out, you want to be as strategic as possible so let’s discuss how to create brand awareness that will lead to brand loyalty.

In order to gain loyal customers who come back time and time again AND bring their friends with them, your branding must be on par. Think of it as the personality of your business.

If you had the choice between spending time with someone who is stale, boring, and pessimistic versus someone inspiring, optimistic and vibrant who would you choose?

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, the obvious choice is the vibrant one.

Branding is a way of expressing your personality to your potential customers. And if you want just to add customers often, you want it as vibrant as possible.

We are sharing our three most significant tips on how to brand your business in a way that attracts customers, creates demand for your product/services, AND compels customers to buy from you time and time again. And bring their friends with them.

Provide Value

This should go without saying. Providing value to your potential customers is how you convert them to actual paid customers. How to provide value to your customers is something that you must learn by asking a couple of questions. What problem does your customer have? What does your customer value?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can use your imagination and creativity to build some amazing offerings that will have your customers coming to you time and again and bringing their friends with them. This is how you create a buzz-worthy brand. Here are a few things you want to include to ensure you are meeting the mark.


Show your customers how to solve a specific problem. If your customer found your business, they are looking to solve a very specific problem. What problem do you solve? We here at Branded help our clients gain loyal customers through the power of organic word-of-mouth efforts. Very specific.

Share Your Why

Why are you in this business? When you share the why behind your business, you help your customers see themselves working with you. We here at Branded are a group of creatives who love lending our voices to help microentrepreneurs build buzz for their business and grow their sales while creating a lasting impact on the world. 

Show Business

Show your customers HOW you solve their problems. Check out a brief video of HOW we help our customers. After all, we are in show business. 

Create Desire

How to get your customers to desire strongly to do business with you is an art that you as a business must master to create a lasting impression. When you understand your customers creating desire….how to create a desire for a product


This is why branding is important. By human nature when something is visually appealing we think it will help enhance our lives and we want it. Check out how we help our clients with their visual business aesthetics. 


Now that you’ve grabbed their attention visually, what are you saying to draw them in? Does your story captivate them in a way that they want more?

CTA (Call to Action)

What’s the next step for the customer? Should they book a call with you? Download a freebie? Text a keyword? Make it easy to buy from you. Be sure to drop us a line and let us know how we can help you by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ link. (Did you catch that smooth CTA?)


Great Experience

So many businesses stress about how to create a great customer experience when it’s really simple. Treat people the way they want to be treated. Not rocket science. Just good people business. Always think of your business as people-centric and you will curate great experiences everytime.

Here are a few of our favorite ways of creating great customer experiences.


Now that they’ve purchased from you, how can you complement their life? What can you offer that will make their experience positive? We send engaging texts to our clients weekly. Just because they made it to Friday and we want to celebrate them for it. 


Become a cheerleader for your customers. Can you highlight them on your social media? Send a shout-out in your newsletter. Feature them in your blog? Speaking of, check out one of our favorite clients Palm N Sole and grab your massage today! Mention you heard about it here and get a 20% discount. Do it often.



Consider your customer’s feedback. Do you have a system in place to ask for feedback? Allow them to voice their concerns and your sales will skyrocket!

Need help attracting loyal customers? Click the link to download your FREE ‘Just Add Customers’ Checklist now!

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